Part of the 20/20 Photo Festival's virtual...
Part of the 20/20 Photo Festival's virtual programming in 2022, this panel discussion includes representatives from five organizations across the globe that are focused on women in photography: Foto Feminas, Hundred Heroines, Silverwater Collective, Women in Photography NZ & AU, and - of course - Lux et Libera. Coming from different perspectives and with different missions, they discuss the history of their organizations, the need to support women in photography, and how the art world could be made more equitable, as well as how to maintain a life balance as a working artist and organizer.

Please click here to watch the video on Youtube.
   This virtual panel discussion, which took place on...
This virtual panel discussion, which took place on Friday, June 24th (Saturday, September 25th in Aotearoa/NZ) was organized in conjunction with the Auckland Festival of Photography and features female-identifying artists working in film and alternative/historic process photography and whose work resonates with the festival theme "disruption." These women disrupt the status quo of the art world, address concepts of disruption with their work, and embrace disruption of form and materiality. They represent a global movement of female photographers leading the way in these processes and experimenting with traditional techniques in new and exciting ways. Artists include Anne Eder, Rachel Guardiola, Poppy Lekner, Ky Lewis, Ella Morton, and Dale Rio. 

Please click here to view the video on Youtube.

(Apologies in advance for the weird Zoom view that only allows a few people to be seen when screenshare is off. Unfortunately, it's the only version Zoom provided. Toward the end, everyone turns their cameras on, and you can see all the panelists [and remaining audience members] then.)

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